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Balashova Mariya Sergeevna, Postgraduate student, Institute of philology and journalism, Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky (Saratov, 83 Astrakhanskaya str.),

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The article considers satirical affectedness in the catholic novel by famous English wrighter Evelyn Waugh “Helena”. The author analyzes the images of satirical characters of the novel. The center of attention is the religious subject matter of characters. Russian critics never considered a religious aspect of the satire by E. Waugh due to ideological barriers of the societ period. Thus, the article discovers new aspects of research of the English novelist’s heritage. Greatest attention in the article is paid to the forms of depicting two characters – Emperor Konstantin and his wife Favsta. The author analyzes methods of creation of satirical effect through description of the outlook, mimicy, gestures, speech, behavior of characters. The analysis is focused on religious orientation of satire by E. Waugh, and particularly, on author’s castigation of such vice as religious hypocrisy and exploiting religion for political purposes. For deeper insight of the author’s affectedness the article gives brief historic reference about the church life and the emperor’s court in the Roman  Empire. Historical and cultural context helps to understand the delicate sense of Waugh’s satire. Analysis results allow to conclude as follows: in the novel “Helena” the satire by the author-catholic is aimed at disclosure of hypocritical Christianity;
author’s position in the text is expressed implicitly; characters’ vices are seen especially vividly against the background of sincere faith of the positive novel character Helena.

Key words

Evelyn Waugh, ideas and writings, Catholicism, satire.

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